Our Passive Drug Detection Dogs http://lovegodlovelife.org.uk/page/31/clgen-casino-it  scan people entering workplaces, nightclubs, festivals, sporting events, airports and many other environments with a minimum of disruption.  Our handlers are discreet and project a professional image,

All our handlers are SIA licensed and trained to the industry standard. 

Our dogs are trained on all illegal drugs and their derivatives, with monthly training to maintain our excellent standard.

InvictaK9 are licensed by the Home Office to possess live drug samples for the purposes of detection dog training. 

We are able to work alongside a client’s search team, the police, or indeed provide a search team alongside our Drug Detection Dogs and Handlers.

Our  Lyrica to buy Proactive Drug Detection dogs are used to locate illegal substances and can search and detect the presence of drugs by searching cars, buildings, schools, factories, aircraft and ships. 

We also provide Ichihara  proactive detection dogs  http://dreytons.com/guaranteed-rent-in-nottingham to NHS facilities Our dogs can work in almost any environment, including single and multi-occupancy patient rooms, day rooms, treatment rooms and outdoor exercise areas.